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Family Protection Taken At Chester ZooThe first step in smart financial planning is to protect what you already have. A premature death or a serious illness can not only have devastating personal consequences but financial consequences that can be almost impossible to fully recover.

Life and critical illness insurance can be used to ensure that you and your loved ones are not financially sidelined if something terrible should happen.

We are able to;

  1. Provide a comprehensive assessment of your needs, quantifying the amount of cover that you need.
  2. We can then move on to searching the market to find the best price available to provide that quote.
  3. And compare alternative policies and providers not just for price but quality of cover relevant to your personal circumstance.

Life and critical insurance providers pay commission to advisers for arranging and advising on plans so we are able to provide protection advice without any out of pocket cost to you, however if you prefer to pay a fee for our services then you may, in that case we would refuse the commission and you would receive a reduced premium from the insurer in recognition of this.