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Funding your own funeral.

Written by John J Bloomfield

Having recently suffered a loss of my own and simultaneously having the family of a client go through the same my mind has turned to the various ways in which we can fund our own funerals to remove the burden from our families of worrying about how to pay for the funeral.

"How much will my funeral cost?" is a difficult question to answer there are a huge number of variables from the obvious like cremation or burial to where you happen to be living at the moment, the table below from the Royal London National Funeral Costs Index shows the variation even just in the North East of England.

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New First Time Buyers Guide....Coming Soon.

Written by Dee Bloomfield


Many moons ago John wrote a helpful guide for first time homebuyers that not only covered mortgages and associated insurances but also a lot of practical advice on buying your first home including viewings, estate agents, conveyancing and practical tips for budgeting etc. we used to get great feedback on how useful it was. As things changed overtime it became a little out of date so he withdrew it with the intention of updateing it at some point and now that I have taken over the vast majority of the mortgage work here at Bloomfield Financial I thought I would pick up where he left off and get a new guide out there.

So I thought before I get going properly i would ask you what as a First Time Buyer you would like to see in the guide? And if you're not a first time buyer then what do you wish you had been told when you were?

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What's Your Perspective On Retirement?

Written by John J Bloomfield

billionphotos 1902432When I was 16 years old my Grandad died suddenly, it was devastating for me and it took quite a long time to get over the shock. Eventually though you start to accept these things as he was old. However as I got older I realised he was only 66! To a 16 year old that was old now as a 37 year old I realise when I’m 66 I won't even be old enough to claim my state pension.

Perspective is a powerful thing it frames how we see the world.

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The Bank of Nan and Grandad

Written by John J Bloomfield

Bank Of Nan and GrandadLast year the BBC  reported that the age of an average first time property buyer was now between 27-34 depending on where in the country you happen to live. It's not that surprising that the age has been creeping up over that last couple of decades as house prices have increased exponentially and wages haven't it has become harder and harder for first time buyers to raise that essential deposit.

According to the Daily Mail the average first time buyer needs a deposit of more than £30,000 that's more than the UK's reported average salary.

Traditionally equity release or lifetime mortgages have been marketed as a way for retirees to release equity from the property to fund a more luxiourous lifestyle but of course the funds can be used for almost any legal reason. Many people who would qualify for a lifetime mortgage are reluctant to do so because they feel that they would be 'taking away' the families inheritance.

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My Critical Illness Claim

Written by Dee Bloomfield


Hi I am Dee, some of you may know me personally or others may have heard my husband John talk about me. Some of you may also know that I am a new starter at Bloomfield Financial, so if ever I pick up the phone don't be alarmed.

I asked John if I could write an article about critical illness. I am aware that John has published some in the past and he has a wealth of knowledge with Critical Illness (I am not just saying that because he is my husband ha-ha).

I wanted to write this article as someone who has been diagnosed with a critical illness so that you can gain better understanding of what it feels like and a first hand views on how important critical illness insurance is.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in November of 2011 when I was just 28 I was admitted to hospital initially with vision problems. They were sudden and so severe that I could not read an eye examination chart, and could not walk without support as my balance was all messed up too.

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