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Top 5 UK Savings Rates - Every Week In Your Inbox

Written by John J Bloomfield
Top 5 UK Savings Rates

For a little while now we have been offering our pension and investment clients who have an ongoing support package from us a cash management service, whereby we advise on how to structure cash savings to get the best possible return on those savings.We have also made it available to those who do not have an ongoing package at a fixed cost.

We are aware however that many people who do not need/want the full service would find it useful to receive a regular update on the best rates available so once a week on a Friday we will send out an email with a PDF attachment that lists the best available interest rates in the mainstream categories.

The list will contain the top 5 accounts for Instant access and 1,2,3,4,5 year term accounts in the following categories;

  • Standard Savings
  • Cash ISA Accounts
  • Help to Buy ISA
  • Junior Cash ISA
  • Regular Saver Cash ISA
  • Regular Saver
  • Children's Accounts

The lists will contain accounts that can be opened online or via the post, we will exclude accounts available to existing customers or a bank only, and accounts with geographical restrictions. In order to make the lists as useful as possible to the widest number of possible - of course our more detailed Cash managment service is available on request which covers a wider number of accounts and will be bespoked to your needs, account values etc.