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Do you buy free range eggs?

Written by John J Bloomfield

A bowl of eggsIf you do you are part of a growing number of people who exercise ethical choices when spending their money. As we live in a capitalist society using your spending power to change the world is actually a pretty good long term strategy, so good on you.

But I have to ask do you also make ethical choices with your investments and your pension? Often it's something people don't give a second thought, but the investments you make can have a significant ethical under current if you so desire.

When I run through a client's information with them as part of my advice process, I always ask 'Do you have any religious or ethical requirements of your investment?' the vast majority of people reply no. I'm quite interested in ethical investing on a personal level but it is certainly not for me to push my beliefs on to a client - but I think it is fare enough to talk about them in a blog post!


If you really looked at the companies that your pension or investment fund have bought in to with your money would you be happy? According to a leading fund research tool the most popular investment fund in the last year (based on number of times their fact sheets have been viewed) is the Invesco Perpetual High Income fund, a quick glance at the top 10 companies shows, 2 tobacco companies, 3 pharmaceutical companies, 2 companies involved in weapons manufacture, a telecoms company, a business admin company and a household chemical manufacturer.

It makes you think about how your money is being used, there are a lot of different ways of investing 'ethically' if you would like to talk about the ethics of your investments just drop me a line.