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Covid-19 Update 24th June 2020

Written by John J Bloomfield

From Monday the 29th of June we will be restarting face to face meetings with clients but with a few restrictions and caveats in order to observe the social distance regulations and general best practice here are the headlines and the details are below;

  • Appointments will be held in our office only, there won't be any home visits.
  • Appointments will be AM only, and only one per day so that we can ensure the meeting space is thoroughly sanitised between meetings.
  • We ask you to observe social distancing and hygiene requests on site.
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Pay Yourself First

Written by John J Bloomfield

Pay yourself first is one of the foundation blocks of financial planning, in this video I discuss how to implement paying yourself first in your financial planning.

CoronaVirus and Market Volatility

Written by John J Bloomfield

rollercoaster ride

As I am sure you will have noticed over the last week or so we have seen some huge volatility and movement in financial markets. With this in mind, I thought that you might like to hear my views and thoughts on what is happening.


We are hearing a huge amount on the news at the moment on the impact that Coronoavirus is having on global markets, now I am not going to dismiss this as undoubtedly Coronavirus is the primary cause of the current market volatility, the markets certainly do not like any form of uncertainty and until this is resolved one way or the other we are likely to see days with both significant falls and rises in Global markets.

I would, however, argue that not all industries and locations are affected by Coronavirus at all. Certainly Chinese productivity has been affected and worldwide travel and tourism will continue to be affected for some time to come but the actual biggest impact comes, in my opinion, from the constant media hype which encourages individuals to speculate on the markets. This is a bigger cause of volatility than the actual issue itself.

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Protection - what does it mean to you?

Written by Dee Bloomfield


Protection! When you read that word what comes to your mind? Car insurance/door security/pet insurance/ contraceptives?

For me when I think about protection I think of life and critical illness insurance for two reasons

  • I have personally had a successful critical illness claim
  • I work in an industry where protection means protecting your lifestyle and your home

People from a certain generation remember the ‘insurance man’ knocking at the door. I remember this from when my Mam used to pay him weekly and I remember she kept all of the insurance books together. Everything was explained in person so people felt they knew what they were paying for when we talked about insurance.

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The Christmas Hangover....debt!

Written by Dee Bloomfield

 Discarded Christmas Tree

Christmas is over and done with for another year and the tree has been taken down in the Bloomfield Household. It was a lovely Christmas seeing the children open their presents and get excited at all the lovely new toys they had received.

The shopping was predominantly done by me this year and to be honest, I could not tell you the exact figure of how much we spent on the kids, each other, family members, even though we did agree on a budget. Then you have to take into consideration the extra food we bought as well as extra Christmas decorations, gift wrap etc the list could go on! The fact that I didn’t know what I had spent scares me a little and this left me with one question,

What is/was the average amount spent for Christmas 2019?

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