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At Bloomfield Financial our primary aim is to help you make sense of your finances so that you can make the best deciscions possible both now and  in the future.

We have tried to put as much information on this webiste as possible to explain what we can do for you and what it costs as we believe strongly in being transparrent in all things.

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Why We Re-Balance Investment Portfolios?

Gymnast On Balance Beam

Re-Balancing of investment portfolios can to many amateur investments seem counter intuitive. If you’re not familiar with the concept re-balancing an investment portfolio is the act of returning the funds held back to the proportions in which they were originally purchased.

So imagine you have a portfolio of just 2 funds. Fund A and Fund B. Initially you bought £50 of each. But after a year Fund A is worth £175 and Fund B is worth £25. Now to ‘rebalance’ we would sell £75 of fund A and with the proceeds buy £75 of Fund B so that now we have £100 of each.

As you can see this usually means selling funds that have done well and using the proceeds to purchase more of the funds that have not done so well.

So on the face of it you’re selling your winners to buy losers? That can’t be right can it?

Absolutely it is and in the rest of this article I’m going to explain exactly why professional investors do this.

Legal Ways To Pay Less Tax In The UK...Even If You're Not Rich!

Legal Ways To Pay Less UK Tax For Normal PeopleSo we've heard a lot on the news in the last few days about the super rich exploiting loopholes to pay as little tax as possible, and frequently I hear people say that there are no tax breaks available for ordinary folk. And while you can't save millions if you don't have millions there are certainly a few ways that you can reduce your tax bill.

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